Download Job Hunt Heroes v5.3.7 [Mod]

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Job Hunt Heroes v5.3.7 [Mod]
Requirements: 4.1 and up
Overview: Invite you to clicker games
Grow heroes through tap tap 
Push the limits of infinity stage
Nonstop endless challenge

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With five novice heroes seeking for employment who the King recruits as interns……
Exciting dungeon adventure with five heroes! Forget about all the same old difficult clicker RPG games
Collect and Auto-combat fun all at the same time! Let’s enjoy a nonstop infinity growth idle RPG game

Become stronger every time you Return to Kingdom!
Get Treasure Chests every time you Return, 
Upgrade & Evolve your Artifacts to reach further.

Acquire and Craft your own Equipments!
Craft and hunt for over 500 variety of equipments 
to boost your team.

Collect a variety of Artifacts!
Collect over 1,000 Artifacts,
and increase your warriors abilities.

Enjoy single play dungeon!
Lone battles begin now in The Leave-It-Aloner!
Play everyday to collect the rewarded!

Choose your favorite Costumes!
Dress your warriors in hundreds of different costumes, 
and make your own unique team!

– Inquiries about payment /refune : Please contact us through Service Center from within the game.
– Customer Center E-mail : [email protected]


1. Language Errors by Country
2. Errors related to weekly mission initialization
3. Errors related to the return of the Reinstating officer

1. Infinite diamond
2. Infinite honor
3. Infinite gold (Increase when spend)

Download the original version of the app once directly from Google Play, before install mod.

This app has no advertisements

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